Mooring Service

MOORING & UNMOORING SERVICES That’s why we make sure our staff is well trained, capable and committed with the operation, in order to minimize potential hazards and ensure the highest quality in every operation.

Two (2) Service launches, equipped with two (2) engines each. 1 Captain and 3 AB Seamen, per launch, who are incharge of receiving vessels lines and taking them to their fasting point, may it be an onport docking structure or floating buoys at open sea port facilities, like Punta Rincon Terminal 2.


• Two (2) groups of four (4) working onboard the vessel, Forward and Aftern. • Each team will be lead by a Bosun, and 3 AB Seamen, who will be in charge of transfering the vessel’s lines to the Launch Teams, handling the vessel lines and winches onboard, and make sure the lines are locked at the bits and the vessel is secured.